Human Med AG

Human Med AG is an innovator and leader in water-jet surgery, and the world´s foremost manufacturer of water-jet assisted devices for adipose tissue harvesting and soft tissue dissection for general, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Building on a long history of expertise in the fields of general surgery, urology and neurosurgery, where gentle water-jet tissue dissection is essential, Human Med’s innovative water-jet technology enables the very gentle procedure of water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) and fat transplantation for aesthetic and reconstructive procedures.

Human Med AG will provide a special highly reliable compact system (body-jet eco) that provides a reproducible process for the safe and sterile harvesting of adipose tissue for ADIPOA-2. The innovative method of water-jet assisted liposuction is a safe, simple and fast method for harvesting viable adipose tissue in a sterile, closed loop system.

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